Structural Health Monitoring   SHM: Open source structural health monitoring software (coming soon)
OpenSEES Models of Instrumented Buildings and Bridges   6-Story Steel Building in Burbank California [Documentation], [OpenSEES FEM], [OpenSEES FEM_Pushover], [SAP2000 FEM],  [ESDOF_Excel_File]
    7-Story (Holiday Inn) RC Building in Van Nuys California [OpenSEES FEM],[SAP2000 FEM]
    13-Story Steel Building in Southern California [Documentation], [OpenSEES FEM], [SAP2000 FEM]
    19-Story Building in Southern California [OpenSEES FEM]  
    52-Story Building in Downtown Los Angeles California [OpenSEES FEM], [SAP2000 FEM]
    Ordinary Standard Skew Bridge in California [Documentation], [OpenSEES FEM]
Pushover Analysis   Adaptive Modal Combination Procedure for Nonlinear Static Analysis of Building Structures
Ground-motion Prediction   Graizer – Kalkan 2015 Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Shallow Crustal Active Tectonic Regions (Excel File)
    Kalkan - Gulkan Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Turkey
Earthquakes and Ground Motions   Darfield and Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquakes: Evaluation of Global GMPEs
    March 11, 2011 M9.0 Tohoku, Japan Earthquake: Processed Strong Ground Motion Data
    Ground Motion Predictions of March 8 - 2010: M6.2 Elazig-Kovancilar Eq. (Turkey)
    May 18, 1940 El-Centro Earthquake Record North-South Component (50 samples-per-second, dt = 0.02 s)
Seismic Hazard Analysis   Earthquake Potential of California Considering Site Effects
    Seismic Hazard Mapping of Sea of Marmara (Istanbul, Turkey)
    Deterministic Seismic Design Values for Istanbul Metropolitan and Sea of Marmara (Turkey) Region
Ground-motion Selection, Scaling and Characterization   Required Number of Ground Motions for ASCE/SEI-7 Ground Motion Scaling Procedure
    Modal Pushover-based Ground Motion Scaling Procedure for Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Structures
    Modal Pushover-based Scaling Procedure for Nonlinear Response History Analysis of “Ordinary Standard” Bridges
    Experimental Evaluation of Ground Motion Scaling Methods for Nonlinear Analysis of Structural Systems
    Near-Fault Forward Directivity and Fling Effects on Building Structures
Basin Effect and Long Period Ground Motions   Long-Period (3 to 10 s) Ground Motions in and around the Los Angeles Basin during the 2010 M7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake
    Characteristics of Ground Motion Attenuation during the M7.2 El Mayor Cucapah (Baja) Earthquake
MatLAB Functions   ASCE 41-06 Displacement Coefficient Method
    Autodetect Bandpass Filter Corner Frequencies
    Despiking Discrete Time Series Using Histogram Method
    Smoothing Function for Fourier Amplitude Spectrum (Konno-Ohmachi Window)
    Compute Smooth Fourier Amplitude Spectrum (Median and RMS Averaging)
    Piecewise Cubic Spline Interpolation (from NUMERICAL RECIPES in C)
    Decimate (Downsample) A Signal in Frequency Domain
    Frequency Domain Whitening of Discrete Time-Signal
    Nonlinear-Inelastic Response History Analysis of SDOF Oscillator Using OpenSEES
    Graizer-Kalkan 2015 Ground-Motion Prediction Equation
    Automatic P-phase Arrival Time Picker
    Automatic S-phase Arrival Time Picker
    P-Phase Arrival Time Picker Based on Akaike Information Criterion
    Time-domain Sinc Interpolation (Resampling)
    Frequency Domain (FFT-Based) Zero-Padding Resampling (Interpolation) of Discrete-Time Signal
    Frequency-Domain Integration of Discrete Time-Signal
    Frequency-Domain Differentiation of Discrete Time-Signal
    Pseudo Spectral Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Spectra
    Nonlinear-Inelastic Constant Yield Displacement Response Spectra
    Nonlinear-Inelastic Constant Yield Multi-Axial Response Spectra Considering Horizontal, Vertical and Rotational Motions
    Complex Mode Identification Function (CMIF)
    Deconvolution of Two Discrete-Time Signals
    Frequency Response Function of Accelerometer (Oscillator)